About me and my Blog

Just posting my first blog entry, and thought better just start with the About section and tell you all a bit about me 🙂

I am Renze de Vries a technology enthusiast, or gadget freak as some people would perhaps say :). I am very keen on exploring the new and awesome things that happen out there.

I started out as a Java developer in my first job, and evolved quickly into a leadership role. These days I am a technology manager at SDL plc and at the same time have my own Company called Oberasoftware

I spend most of the time building new and innovative product concepts with my teams. Some interesting products I have developed is my own NoSQL database called JasDB that I built @ Oberasoftware.

More recently I have been heavily investing in the internet of things and robotics @ Oberasoftware. My goal is to fully automate my home including a Robot that greets you at the door and helps and assists you.

Next to this I act as a innovator in SDL where I am introducing concepts like Open Sourcing, and evangelising new technologies in the company. One of the fruits of this is that under my leadership SDL has released their very first open source framework the OData library.

I hope on this blog I can expose a bit of the cool things that come across my path and hopefully share a bit of the experiences or sometimes challenges that i face in my day to day jobs.


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