Devoxx 2015 Summary :)

I went to the Devoxx 2015 conference in Belgium this year and thought I would give a quick summary from the Devoxx conference with some take-aways that I took myself while it is still fresh. 

  • Micro-service are hot
    • Lot of presentations based on microservices with Spring-boot 
    • Docker, Docker-compose and Swarm are really becoming big lots of talks on getting started as a developer or in the cloud
    • Slightly related, cluster management is getting quite some tooling (Kubernetes, Swarm, etc.)
  • The next big thing seems to really be about Machine Learning and Data streams
    • Instead of offline analytics, we analyse Streams online and offline and combine data (Apache Spark Stream, Akka Streams, Java Streams)
    • Standard has been developed around this called Reactive Streams initiative
      • Will most likely be adopted as part of JDK 9
  • JDK 9 is all about modularisation
    • No longer will you be required to drag the entire JDK with you, only the parts you depend on
    • Introducing a linker to package a mobile version of your app with minimal JRE dependencies
    • No support for multiple versions -> this needs to be resolved by build tools
    • Expected slow adoption by Oracle due to breaking changes (internal classes removed, that where being used, etc.)
  • Chaos engineering
  • Fun topics
    • Developing with robotics with Aldebaran (Yeah the NAO 😀 which i also have, see my other posts )
    • Inspirational talk about silver bullet syndrome: (hint, there is no silver bullet 🙂
    • Capturing the air around you for $7.
      • Really loved this session, using a computer and a small radio receiver he ‘hijacked’ the wireless audio stream from a session next door 🙂

All the sessions where recorded, and from this year they have put them on youtube:


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